Mother’s Day 2015

Well, Mother’s Day is coming up again soon! I try to make an effort to fit Mother’s Day crafts into all of our classes so that every mom or grand mom feels special. šŸ™‚

I wrote a post last year with all the craft ideas I had found from the internet and Pinterest, and wanted to do the same again this year! I will update the post after Mother’s Day with any changes I made or how the crafts went. So here we go!

For our toddler class (2-3 year olds)

This class is the hardest for me to figure out, because depending on how many kids we have on a Sunday (and depending on if we have some of our moreĀ crazyĀ challengingĀ little ones) it can be hard to get a craft done. But I think we will try to accomplish this one. This Handprint Flower Pot craft was done with Kindergarteners by the original poster, so I obviously won’t be having the kids write things they love about their mom, but may have the teachers ask the kids and then write it, or simply write “I love you mom” on the flower pot. We have some large stamp pads and will probably do stamps instead of paint to cut down on some of the mess factor, and I will cut out flowers and pots ahead of time so all the kids have to do is glue and color.


For our preschool class (4-5 year olds)

This class tends to have an easier time accomplishing a craft; there usually aren’t an overwhelming amount of kids and most preschoolers can focus on a craft better than most toddlers. I decided to go with a pretty classic Mother’s Day craft this year for these guys: Painted Flower Pots. These can be as elaborate or simple as the kids want to make them, and although they are somewhat messy they should be manageable.


For our elementary school class (K-5th grade)

Ok so I haven’t tested this craft out yet, but I think it would be really cool! Last year’s Mother’s Day project in this class was Shrinky Dinks, so it required baking in an oven for a few minutes (we used a large toaster oven) and although it was a little hectic, worked fine. When I saw this Fingerprint Necklace/KeychainĀ I thought it would be a really cool, personal, and special gift for moms. My thinking is that as the kids arrive, they will cut out a heart (or other shape if they prefer) and stamp their fingerprint into it. We will bake all of the pendants during the class time, and then before leaving the kids can write on them with Sharpies. The kids will have the option of making a necklace or keychain and can add beads if they want.

DSC05987 DSC00966
Feel free to share your thoughts, use these ideas, or share other ideas you have for great Mother’s Day crafts to make in a classroom setting!


How to Pray

We are starting a unit on prayer this week and are starting out with a discussion on how the Bible tells us to pray. We’ll look at Matthew 6:5-8 to first see how Jesus says not to pray, then look at the Lord’s Prayer and other scriptures to see what we should do instead.

I found a neat little game to get our class time started in a lesson on prayer. I wrote Scripture verses about prayer in white crayon on white index cards and will hide them around the room. However, several cards have pictures or random words on them. The kids can color over the index card with a marker to reveal what is written in white crayon. We’ll use these verses in our discussion, writing our findings up on the white board. Then we will transition into some discussion.

I enjoyed this brief article on some things to emphasize when discussing prayer with older kids, like I will be doing this Sunday. It has some really great thoughts in a concise way of stating them. I’ll definitely be talking about this with my 4th & 5th graders.

Prayer does not come easy for me, and I’m sure it doesn’t come easy for a lot of kids. We live in such a busy world, with so many distractions constantly bombarding us. It’s hard to find peace in such a crazy life. That’s when we need to remember that communication is how we build any relationship, especially our relationship with God. Just like I need to be intentional to stay in touch with friends and calendar time to get together and enjoy each other, we need to be intentional about making time for God. Yes, prayer is something we can do anytime, anywhere, and God wants us to “pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)” but we also need to put forth an effort. God wants to be close to us. God wants to answer our prayers. We have to give him that opportunity.