Faith is not seeing

This past Sunday, while I was discussing the book of Job with our Hightide students, the K-3rd graders were doing a follow-up lesson to Easter. They talked about the reason Jesus appeared to so many people after his resurrection instead of returning directly to heaven. The more people that saw Jesus, the more people would believe that he was truly alive. But now, we can’t see Jesus, because he is in heaven. We have to believe on faith.

Chris came up with a great object lesson to talk about how you can believe something exists even if you don’t see it. He had one of the boys build a tower of plastic cups on a table. Then he asked the kids who thought they could knock it over. Of course, all of them raised their hand, so he chose a young girl to come up on stage. He had her stand about a foot away from the tower, and told her to try to knock it down–but she wasn’t allowed to touch it. She looked at Chris confusedly until finally trying to blow it down. When that didn’t work, Chris handed her an Airzooka (if you don’t know what that is, click here). When you pull back, it releases a huge puff of air, which knocked down the tower. So Chris asked the kids what knocked it down, and when they all answered “AIR,” he said, “How do you know? Did you see the air?” He led their discussion to the eventual point that, even though we can’t see air, we can see its effects. In the same way, we can’t see Jesus, but we can see His effect on our lives and the lives of others.