I enjoy writing and blogging, so I thought it would be fun and perhaps helpful to create a blog to record thoughts and experiences about our life as kids pastors. I’ve often spent time browsing the internet for ideas for games, crafts, object lessons and more, so I wanted to share things that we do for others to find and perhaps use!

I lead our preteen class, which is students in 4th and 5th grade, and starting in January I decided to walk through the books of the Bible with them, giving an overview of a book or two each week. That’s probably what I will write about the most, because it is not based on any sort of curriculum, unlike our other classes.

When we started through the books of the Bible, I ran the first few classes as pretty much just a lesson: I talked, wrote on the white board, and had the kids read passages to highlight parts of the book. We did this through Judges. Then when I got to Ruth, I decided to do something different. Because it’s such a short book and written as a narrative, I copy and pasted the entire 4 chapters of Ruth onto a Word document, breaking it up into speaking parts and removing a few verses here and there to chop it down, and created a “script” of sorts. In class, I had the kids read and act out the story. And they loved it. They loved getting to interact with the story and give it life. They laughed when we had more boys than girls so a boy had to play Naomi. They made fun of each other when Boaz had to “marry” Ruth. And most importantly, they remembered that story, better than they retained stories from the previous weeks. So that’s when I changed my approach and tried to get more creative each week. I’ll write posts to catch up on each of those lessons to bring this blog up to date with where we are now.

Thanks for reading!