This past Sunday, we talked about the book of Job in our Hightide class. I found this great script online that presented the story in a brief, yet somewhat modern way, and the kids definitely had fun with it. It might just be the group of kids we have at our church, but they love acting out these skits. They are always clamoring to be the main character, we even have one kid who likes to play the bad guy.

Following the skit, we talked about why bad things happen in the world. Satan caused Job’s suffering (because God allowed him to), so does that mean Satan causes all suffering? One kid answered me with exactly where I was going with it–no, because sometimes we do something or make a choice that causes bad things to happen. But God always works everything out for good, and allows us to learn and grow in our faith in these experiences.

For the ending, I created a “code” for our memory verse for the week. They love the codes where each letter is substituted with a number, and you have to figure out what it says. We talked through Job chapters 37-41, and I had the kids find lines that stood out to them about how great and powerful God is:

Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Job 38:4

Who shut up the sea behind doors? 38:8

Have you entered the storehouses of snow? 38:22

Does the rain have a father? 38:28

Do you send the lightning bolts on their way? 38:35